Quality over quantity

About Us

Designing Interiors, Creating Impressions

Hugely motivated by the beauty of the nature, synoshielectric was founded on the principles of quality over quantity and the creation of environments that are both original and timeless while staying completely home. Their entire design approach pays homage to old-school European culture, and their aesthetic is heavily influenced by the same heightened ease and warm elegance.

Creating rooms that are both innovative and ageless, while still feeling completely at home. That same enhanced ease and warm refinement has a strong influence on the appearance.

Our motive

Synoshielectric has launched a new endeavor, Synoshielectric Shop, with the goal of emphasizing and promoting workmanship.

We employ five distinct design styles that correspond to their client personalities and livability: Cottage Tudor, mountain ranch, European, earthy organic, modern and traditional. Projects are designed to reach A-list celebrity clients, with the location guiding the design from their native country.

We are committed to being leaders in sustainability as interiors leaders. Part of our design promise is to combine 50% well-loved vintage pieces with custom-made items, extending the life of already-made materials and supporting artisans. Our effort is rooted in localism, since we source and antique in the country of origin for each of our initiatives.